About Us

Who are we?

About us

We are a specialist provider of support for young people aged 16-25. After establishing the first unit in 2018, our priority has been to enable young people to live independent and fulfilled lives, within our supported and independent living units South London.
We are passionate about quality and we specialise in supporting young people to achieve their full potential. Through empathy, dignity, our focus is to bring out the best in people including staff. We use all of our resources, skills and abilities to ensure that everyone can reach for their potential.
Our supported living services provide tailored packages of up to 24 hours support in an individual’s own home or in a supported tenancy.

Our Mission

To become the stand out quality provider offering life changing support, and lifelong skills allowing our young people to become assets within our community.
We support our young people by working with them at their pace showing them respect at all times, gently acknowledging the possibilities for change.
We acknowledge the context of trauma and adversity and seek to understand how these experiences affect people’s lives. We want to know what has happened to people and what help they feel they need. In short, we prioritise this psychological understanding and trauma informed approach in everything we do.

What's next?

To get to the forefront of the supported living service to be able to provide all levels of support including High level needs.
Developing more professional partnerships so we can continue to offer successful support to even more vulnerable people.
Establish cross organisational awareness of trauma and adversity leading to an understanding of the complex ways people survive through such experiences.

Helping young people move from “I Can’t” to “I Can”

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