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All enquiries about the service in general can be made to our offices where information can be sent and discussions held with the manager.

We would usually like the young person to visit or be visited to begin our own assessment and to talk through with them their hopes and fears about the prospective placement.   We would also hope that Social workers visit the house and local area prior to admission.

All admissions will comply with the Looked after Children procedures and we will encourage all professionals to be in attendance for planning meetings to be held within one week of admission. The appropriate Looked after Children forms will be expected to accompany the young person on admission so that key information is available and appropriately recorded

MALA Supported Living has been designed as a home that provides the space to grow into an independent valued adult. The staff team provides 24-hour cover, for the young people at MALA Supported Living in a secure, safe and well-maintained environment.

On admission the young person will review with their key worker the plans for their placement and expectations of them at the unit. The key worker should already have had contact with the young person and will have explained the purpose of the unit. 

All efforts will be made to make admissions to MALA Supported Living as planned as possible. It is particularly important that the agencies work together to remain ‘child centred’ in planning admissions; however, we do in some situations consider emergency admissions. Great care is taken to assess any emergency referral to ensure the balance within the existing group of residents is maintained. 

If a referral is made and the young person being referred has been ‘tagged’ by order of the court, then a risk assessment must be in place prior to the placement commencing to determine the risks and safety of others before the placement begins. 

A Care / Placement planning meeting should be arranged before or soon after the placement begins (within 72 hours) to ensure that a comprehensive care package is in place at the start of the placement.   In cases where key information is not available at the time of referral then a decision will be made to delay the admission.

Emergency placements are those, which are arranged at short notice giving less than forty-eight (48) hours notice.  MALA Supported Living should receive a brief synopsis of the young persons’ behaviour and placement history; this should be accompanied by a recent report either from the Social Worker or the last.  The Social Worker making the referral must also provide MALA Supported Living with the LAC forms ‘Essential Information part 1 & 2 as well as Placement Plan part 1 & 2.  These forms should be received on the day of the placement or within forty-eight (24- 48) hours of the placement being made. 


The plan for moving on needs to be clear from soon after admission in terms of time scales even though this may be some time away, the young person has a clear sense of planning for their future.

The young person will be able to review with the staff and their key worker the progress they have made and the steps they need to take to build on this success. This will mostly appear in the care planning system.

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